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G.A.P.A. International was born on the 1st of april 1976 as a consulting office for companies. It is devoted to an only field: Work and Residence Permits for foreigners who want to work or live in Spain

We are one of the few consulting offices in Spain devoted exclusively to the obtention of Work and Residence Permits for foreigners. Our specialization on this subject makes us be one of the more efficient companies in this field.

We work for more than 30 international companies in Spain, taking steps to obtain permits for their employees. Several foreign schools and universities entrust to us the obtention of permits for their pupils and teachers. We have helped more than 10,000 people to legalize their situation in Spain.


We accompany our customers to their appointments with the Administration and remind them the date of the appointment and the documents that are going to be needed.

We are aware of the changes in the law regarding foreigners in Spain so that they do not need to be worried about the Administrative Reformations or how these might affect them.

Our continuous work in the field of Work and Residence Permits for foreigners lets us assure our customers the complete success in the entrusted work. That is why we offer an absolute guarantee and we do not charge our fees until we obtain the expected results.



The Company
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